Pastor Randy asked Jesus to forgive him of his sins and come into his heart in October of 1986. Randy and Reta had attended a revival at a local United Methodist Church. Randy's uncle, an old-fashioned Methodist preacher was preaching. Reta had given her life to Jesus several months before at a home Bible study and had been praying for Randy. Several friends and family members had been witnessing to Randy and Reta for over a year. Randy had been under conviction for sometime and it was getting strong. That night at the revival he could hardly wait for the singing to end so he could go to the altar.

    Since that night in 1986, God has done many things in their lives. That night Randy was delivered from the bondage of alcohol. They began looking for a church. They started attending a non-denomination church 35 miles away. They both received the baptism in the Holy Ghost and while attending this church for three and a half years, they saw several friends and family members come to Jesus. During this time they both taught home Bible studies with the new converts in their family. They both attended church and prayer meetings regularly and both taught Sunday School.

    In 1991 they left this church because Randy had been called to pastor a church in Hillsboro, Ohio. They lived about 14 miles from the church which had set empty for several months. Randy prayed and came up with the name Hillsboro House of Worship because he wanted a church where people could be free to worship God. God confirmed His call on Randy's life to pastor in many ways. They started out with little money, no congregation, no musicians, and very little experience. The Lord has always provided what was needed.

    Currently we have a congregation of 40 to 60 people. People are saved, the Holy Ghost is free to work and move in the services. Healings and miracles do happen and souls are saved. There have been many hard times and many good times but they have learned that with Jesus, what He does not keep you from, He will keep you through.