Our Vision

This church has been set here to help build the kingdom of Jesus Christ and do his work. We believe that hell is a real place of torment where those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will spend eternity. We desire to see souls saved and delivered from sin and its torment. It is our responsibility as Christians to do this work. This church believes that all people are God's creation and should be treated with respect. It is our desire for people to become all they can be for him, not what we would have them to be. People should treat others, as they would like to be treated. A church should be free to worship in spirit and in truth, in unity and fellowship. Some people may like to worship quietly others may be loud, but either way the Lord is worthy to be praised and people should be free to be themselves a s long as they don't violate the freedom of others. A church should be a place where people feel loved and their presence desired a place to find healing, a place to learn of Gods word and how to apply it to their lives. A place where no one is better than any one else but all are treated equal as we are in Gods eyes.